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"where’s my christian grey????” hopefully locked up in prison

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Anonymous asked: My heart hurts


Hold it like you would ripe fruit. Tender it. Use your palms. Be patient with the pain. Love yourself through that hurt. Be gentle with yourself. Be careful with the bruises. Your heart hurts but it won’t forever. Today, just be soft with it. Just nod and think “I am strong and I will heal myself.”

If you’re a teen you must follow this blog.
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All of our heartfelt lies are not enough this time.

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My mind is a mess. |
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"بكُل إلحاح: “لا تجعلني يالله عبئًا ولا وجعًا لقلب أحدهم.”"


The things I send my friends
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"The superiority of prayer at night over prayer during the day is like the superiority of charity given in secret over charity given openly."

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"Their monsters didn’t hide under beds or in wardrobes,
Their monsters manifested in air strikes that left them orphans."


Where are such leaders?

Can’t get over how awesome this guy was
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tbh there are literally only like three people in the world who i can hang out with for more than four or five hours without wanting to strangle them

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